Testimonials Archive

T.T. from Huntley

“I now pick up little sounds that I didn’t pick up before.  Lower volume on TV.  I can hear heat coming from remote register.  Hearing Help Express has been great for me for years.  I have confidence in them.  I had super service!”

Joanne Gretencord from Morris, IL

JGretencordAs a busy real estate agent the success of my business demands that I can hear my clients. For years I have struggled with hearing loss and hearing aids that really didn’t help especially in noisy situations. Then I found out about Hearing Help Express. Even though you are located over an hour’s drive away, I decided to take a chance and visit you.

Right away I noticed that your hearing experts were concerned with every detail of my hearing. Not only did you make sure I could hear well in quiet and noisy places, you also helped me hear better on my cell phone and in my car. I love my new hearing aids, especially how comfortably and discreetly they fit in my ears. My checkbook loves the price, much lower than anywhere else!

I have been so impressed with your professional service and low prices that I started referring my own clients and even my sister to Hearing Help Express. Everyone that I have sent to you has told me the same thing, “They love their new hearing aids!”

What makes Hearing Help Express so different from the rest is obvious: You worked hard not only to help me hear better, but also to find hearing aids that I love to wear. Without hesitation I recommend your services to anyone that needs hearing aids.

M.S. from Batavia

“Prices were ½ of what my former aids were. Good service and I have told friends about you.”

R.B. from Rockford

“Easy to put in and take out. Tone and volume buttons are easy to operate. Batteries are easy to change. My wife has enjoyed the fact that the television and radio in the house or in the car are not as loud. Is much easier to hear co-workers at work, can hear the radio when called or paged. The prices we paid were very reasonable for the quality of product. Service was excellent. Mary Kay was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

S.H. from Sycamore

“My hearing aids are small and unnoticed. Church, meetings, speakers, movies and TV is where I notice my improved hearing the most. Most have not noticed by sight that I even wear hearing aids. In all my activities there has been a marked improvement. In fact I could not enjoy most of these without them. They were quite affordable and well worth the money. I have had good care by the fellows at Hearing Help Express.”

W.H. from Antioch

“Now I can hear the birds again and realize the earth is alive. Being in a crowd – I am now a part of it. The price was the best I found for the same thing.”

J.F. from Evergreen Park

“The hearing aid is easy to use and needs little or no maintenance. The service and prices are great. Your company has great people to work with.”

S.G. from LaGrange

“I was surprised at the clarity. When around someone who speaks very soft I can hear. In a group it is easier to hear or understand exactly what is being said. Prices were less than others. Service was very good.”

R.C. from Cortland

“They are easy to put in. I’m now able to participate in conversations at social gatherings. I can now understand my grandchildren and my wife. My lack of hearing was very frustrating for them and me. Service was excellent and all questions were answered.”

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